With the WECC Distributed Lighting Control System (DLCS) including the VBC100 controller (VBC), no matter what business or building you are in, or what kind of lighting application you have, we will save energy (up to 75%) and save you money, year after year.

With the DLCS, you can expect additional savings from:

  1. Hardware rebate (lamps and ballasts)
  2. Additional hardware rebates (photo & motion sensors)
  3. Energy management system rebate (End-of-year)
  4. Optional Automatic Demand Response (DRAS) rebate

With the DLCS, installations can experience increased property values and realize additional savings from tax incentives.

Contact Us to learn how your school, building, facility or business can easily add profit dollars to your bottom line, year after year.

A revolutionary way to control light

Pure green technology that reduces energy usage, and saves money

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