If you want to dramatically reduce your lighting energy bills, accomplish the greatest savings per square foot and keep your business, school, building, facility or campus operating more profitably, then the WECC DLCS including the VBC100 lighting controller can deliver the results you're looking for.

If you want to dramatically reduce HID lighting energy costs, you don't have to replace your HID fixtures with fluorescent fixtures. See how the VB400 integrated ballast and controller (VB400) will produce more energy savings while delivering the optimum light needed for your facility.

The VBC and VB400 products control the AC power to your lights, to provide an energy efficient lighting control system that provides the following features:

  • dimming (dimming doesn't mean darker)
  • easy dynamic scheduling
  • daylight harvesting
  • lumen maintenance
  • bulb/ballast fault detection
  • Title 24 instant demand response
  • On-site or remote aggregate control of fixtures, zones, floors, buildings or city-wide corporate, all with built-in security

Contact Us to learn how your school, building, facility or business can easily add real profit dollars to your bottom line on a monthly basis.

DLCS with on-site and remote access

VB400 integrated ballast & controller and HID light

A revolutionary way to control light

Pure green technology that reduces energy usage, and saves money

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